Machine Moving, Crane Hire, Rigging & Transportation

Our Company

Flow Moving (Pty) Ltd is in the business of Machine Moving, Crane Hire, Rigging and Transportation of small to abnormal loads.
Flow Motion has a culture of “excellence” in reliability, safety and service delivery. Our continuous quest for Leadership and Excellence has allowed us to redefine Industry Standards.
Flow Motion has a range of medium to heavy duty vehicles, crane trucks and related equipment wich has the capacity to meet  the needs of most clients within the scope of work of any project.

Our Social Responsibility

As we journey from place to place and project  to project, Flow Motion strives to make a meaningful difference, heeding to the call of those in need.

Our priority and area of influence is youth development. Our employees together with the communities, collectively impact the lives we reach.

We seek to positively touch and transform this generation, which will contribute to an enriching future for our nation.